"I am a developer based in Portugal, with over 20+ years of development and Web Design experience "

Started building websites for my musical projects around 1998 and never looked back. 10 years latter it became my main occupation. After working with different platforms & CMS´s ( Content Management Systems) i settled with WordPress for it's modular approach which allows me infinite possibilities and to be up with the latest digital trends & technologies. Besides my main ocuppation these days, I play guitar, compose & produce music.


  • Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Word of Mouth Music, inc
  • Ozmosys
  • Melissa Aldana
  • Jakob Dinesen
  • La Macchina Volante
  • WeFly Portugal
  • Agrovinaz
  • Fibra Design
  • Spac Filmes
  • A Casa do Pisão
  • Ocyh
  • Loja das Mudanças


  • Godétia, Sociedade de Construções, Lda.
  • André Avelar
  • Rui Mergulho
  • hOurSpace
  • Centro Social da Freguesia de Famalicão
  • Santa Cruz Online
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  • Cara-Nova Tattoo Shop
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